Creating a Minimalist UART Driver for the Beaglebone Black

This post covers the process of creating a minimalist serial UART driver for the Beaglebone Black Linux single board computer. It covers creating a device tree file to specify a new UART device, deploying it to the Beaglebone and writing a device driver kernel module. This post provides a detailed breakdown of the complete source code of the driver. All of the required information is cross-referenced to the processor data sheet and technical reference manual to give the reader an idea of where and how to find the information needed for a project like this. more

Building and Deploying a Linux Kernel on the Beaglebone Black Development Board

I was working on a project that required writing a linux device driver. I chose to do this on a Beaglebone Black, an inexpensive single board linux computer. The first step was to set up an environment to build a custom kernel and device tree. This write-up describes that process. more

Arinc 615a Wireshark Dissector

I and several colleagues of mine have needed an Arinc 615a dissector for Wireshark. I couldn't find an existing one so I've decided to write my own. At the time of posting, this project is under active development. more

IoT Car Alarm - Particle + Alexa + Django

A coworker of mine gave me a OBD-II adapter for the Particle Electron In this proof-of-concept, I monitored my car's engine RPM and physical location, sending alerts to my phone if any unauthorized action was detected. For fun, I added an Alexa skill to enable and disable the alarm system by voice. more

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