Arinc 615a Wireshark Dissector

I and several colleagues of mine have needed an Arinc 615a dissector for Wireshark. I couldn't find an existing one so I've decided to write my own. At the time of posting, this project is under active development. more

IoT Car Alarm - Particle + Alexa + Django

A coworker of mine gave me a OBD-II adapter for the Particle Electron In this proof-of-concept, I monitored my car's engine RPM and physical location, sending alerts to my phone if any unauthorized action was detected. For fun, I added an Alexa skill to enable and disable the alarm system by voice. more

Mirai-like Botnet Site

Recently I developed an application for Troy Mursch of Bad Packets Report to help him track a botnet he calls "Mirai-like". The name refers to a similarity between a network signature observed in both this and the Mirai network of infected hosts. The signature can be traced to the Mirai source code, wherein packets sent from the hosts use the destination IP address as the TCP sequence number. more

Satellite Imagery Over Software Defined Radio

Recently I purchased a Software Defined Radio dongle kit to experiment with. The kit included the SDR dongle, a dipole antenna kit and a small tripod. Through the use of a few open source and freeware programs, I was able to predict, locate, track and record Automatic Picture Transmission broadcast from the NOAA 19 weather satellite. This topic has been written about extensively and many exceptional tutorials exist; however I decided to document my first experiences with SDR and satellite communications. more

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