Free Paypal Money - Analysis of Email Spam

The email received (multiple times the week of July 17th) purported to be from an individual (always different female names) who had sent me the amount of $3,543.00 via Paypal. The email requests that I log in and withdraw it immediately. I expected the link to be a Paypal phishing site. However the link was to a domain www[dot]thecoach2017[dot]com. The page consisted of a video ad for a "21 step millionaire mentorship" program. At the end of the advertisement, a link was presented to me to sign up for one of the "100 remaining" slots. Better act fast.. more

Nest Thermostat and Amazon Alex Skill

An Amazon Echo "Alexa" skill providing users with full control over their Nest Learning Thermostat. The Skill was written in Java, utilizing the Nest API, and deployed to an Amazon Lambda server. A comprehensive and robust speech model and sample utterance set were developed for natural interaction and ease of use. A stand alone web service and accompanying website were developed for user account creation, "Works with Nest" linking, Alexa Skill linking, and account management.The webservice provided an API for the Alexa skill to pass the user's identifying credentials and receive his or her Nest API access key, as well as thermostat information in return. The Skill was published to the Amazon Alexa Skill Store, as well as the official Works more

Copyright Header Maven Plugin

This project is a Maven plugin that inserts or removes a pre-configured copyright header into source code at build time. The plugin automatically resolves the neccessary comment tag to surround the copyright for supported files. For unsupported arbitrary formats, the plugin can be configured to use a user-specified comment tag. The copyright is configured in an xml file called copyright-config.xml where the user can specify the file extension, body and, when applicable, the comment tags. The automatically supported file types include Java, XML, XHTML, and HTML. See the examples below for a custom configuration. Any file that the plugin touches will be backed up in a file called "copyright-plugin-backup" in the projects root, should a file n more

JSF Module Wrapper for the Google Charts API

This project provides Java models and a JSF module wrapper of common charts and applicable settings available in the Google Charts API. The required Javascript files are dynamically loaded from googles server's. In a conventional environment, these files are loaded once in the page, and charts are drawn with a callback event. The JSF wrapper dynamically loads these scripts, ensuring that they are not duplicated in the page. A custom polling method in each rendered object asynchronously waits for and detects that the script is present, and a custom callback method fires the Google draw method. The charts are rendered in div elements that receive unique IDs from allowing multip more

Implementing Video Feed Motion Detection in Java (Home Automation Project) - Video

Monitoring the surveillance camera video feeds for motion and sending alerts when motion is detected was a desired feature of the Java desktop client. Motion sensing was implemented using an image comparison algorithm.


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