DES in CDL: Part 2 - Encryption

This post is continuation of my Verilog implementation of the DES encryption algorithm. In this post, I added support for the encryption operation. more

DES in CDL: Part 1 - Key Schedule

This post is the first in a series documenting my attempt to implement the DES encryption algorithm in Verilog. This project is a part of a broader effort to learn Verilog and CDL engineering. more

Beginning to learn CDL Development

I’ve wanted to start learning configurable digital logic (CDL) engineering concepts. I have plenty of experience integrating software and firmware, but I have almost no experience creating firmware. This "hello world" project and future posts on the topic document my efforts to learn more in this area. more

Creating a Driver for a Custom UART Device

a driver for a serial device that supports a custom UART message/control interface and associated IOCTL calls. The driver will support several commands implemented on an Arduino that simulates a UART-controlled external device. more

Creating a Minimalist UART Driver for the Beaglebone Black

This post covers the process of creating a minimalist serial UART driver for the Beaglebone Black Linux single board computer. It covers creating a device tree file to specify a new UART device, deploying it to the Beaglebone and writing a device driver kernel module. This post provides a detailed breakdown of the complete source code of the driver. All of the required information is cross-referenced to the processor data sheet and technical reference manual to give the reader an idea of where and how to find the information needed for a project like this. more

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