Solving Riddles with Alloy

In this post I demonstrate some of the features of the Alloy modeling language by solving simple logic riddles. more

Getting Started with Alloy

This post is an introduction to the Alloy software modeling toolset. It covers some basic features of the language and syntax for constructing models. more

Installing Alloy

This is a brief post on installing and running the Alloy software modeling tool. more

AES in CDL - The Final System Implementation

This post is the final in my series on implementing AES in Configurable Digital Logic, in which I integrate the AES Counter module into a practical software/firmware design for the Zynq7000 FPGA. more

AES in CDL Part 7- Block RAM Interface

This post is the seventh part in my AES in CDL series. In this post, I create a module to facilitate encryption and decryption of data stored in a block RAM. more

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