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An Amazon Echo "Alexa" skill providing users with full control over their Nest Learning Thermostat. The Skill was written in Java, utilizing the Nest API, and deployed to an Amazon Lambda server. A comprehensive and robust speech model and sample utterance set were developed for natural interaction and ease of use. A stand alone web service and accompanying website were developed for user account creation, "Works with Nest" linking, Alexa Skill linking, and account management.The webservice provided an API for the Alexa skill to pass the user's identifying credentials and receive his or her Nest API access key, as well as thermostat information in return. The Skill was published to the Amazon Alexa Skill Store, as well as the official Works With Nest store prior to Nest providing native support on the Echo device. The Skill was featured in blog post by Nest founder Matt Rogers. The code has been made available to anyone who would like to build upon the features offered natively by Nest. The skill is no longer live.

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