JSF Module Wrapper for the Google Charts API

This project provides Java models and a JSF module wrapper of common charts and applicable settings available in the Google Charts API. The required Javascript files are dynamically loaded from googles server's. In a conventional environment, these files are loaded once in the page, and charts are drawn with a callback event. The JSF wrapper dynamically loads these scripts, ensuring that they are not duplicated in the page. A custom polling method in each rendered object asynchronously waits for and detects that the script is present, and a custom callback method fires the Google draw method. The charts are rendered in div elements that receive unique IDs from allowing multip

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Implementing Video Feed Motion Detection in Java (Home Automation Project) - Video

Monitoring the surveillance camera video feeds for motion and sending alerts when motion is detected was a desired feature of the Java desktop client. Motion sensing was implemented using an image comparison algorithm.


WiFi Connected Lighting and Electrical Outlets (Home Automation Project) - Video

This client enables the user to control overhead lighting and ac electrical devices via the automation system interface. The system also allows for scheduling and "one-touch" control of lighting and electrical features of the home.


Java Desktop Control Center (Home Automation Project) - Video

A java desktop client developed to provide a centralized platform for configuring the web service, monitoring and controlling client devices and monitoring surviellance camera feeds. One iteration of this desktop client will be designed to run on a PC, and will include resource-consuming features like camera motion detection and global system configuration. The second iteration of this interface will be designed to run on the raspberry Pi, in an in-wall, touchscreen control panel.


Home Theater, Lighting and Audio Control Over Wifi (Home Automation Project) - Video

This client is a prototype that uses a WiFi controlled microcontroller with an off-the-shelf stereo system and RGB LED lighting strips to control and automate a home theater setting.


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